Welcome to the miles and miles of what it says above and the organisation that will be pleased to allow you 1. To build the length and type of touring holiday you require or 2. To buy a prescriptive package touring holiday.  All the information is here.

One thing is common throughout both, the quality of the riding roads.   Using an atlas or SatNav, riding round for a month, you would not come across these little-known biking roads, tranquil hidden valleys and isolated villages, as it is my 30+ years of experience of riding from my home town of Ilkley that has put together these memorable routes that fulfil the enjoyment of riding a motorcycle.   Your smile will fill your helmet.  You will always have laudable stories to tell.

Shall I procrastinate or shall I enquire?

Now you've read a little, why not ring and we can discuss your outline requirements?  There is no commitment at all to discuss availability.  A holiday can be built around your thoughts and timescales.  An e-package with different accommodation can be sent by return on jmpglobalmoto@gmail.com if you wish to ask for that now?