Nth Sea Ferry

North Sea Ferries to Hull

If you wish, I'd be pleased to meet you off the boat. Your Yorkshire Moto Tour starts there! We can ride to your accommodation through either The National Parks or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, or both.

If you would prefer a more direct route to your accommodation, then we are only 130 kms and 100 minutes riding time from the ferry.

Britt Ferry

Brittany Ferries

Riding up the country from Portsmouth is not a problem.  Avoiding the M6 and M1 would be wise, as these are not enjoyable due to their traffic density.  There are several non-tedious routes that are more friendly for riding a bike.  On request, I will send you by e-mail, a contemporary route that excludes current and projected roadworks and other obstructions on journey north. 450 kms and 290 minutes riding time to us.

If I hear of any collisions on your prescribed route, I will text/SMS you a good alternative route that morning, so you will receive it on leaving the boat.



e-mail or ring regarding the best non-motorway routes from Kent to Yorkshire.  If you plan on riding to Yorkshire this way, perhaps you would consider an overnight stay in ancient Canterbury or prime University cities of Oxford or Cambridge?  450 kms and 300 minutes riding time