Feedback 18.04.17.

"I was keen to improve my bike riding skills and decided that the Institute of Advanced Motorists ( IAM ) qualification was the next milestone for me to achieve.  I felt reasonably confident of my ability but knew that I needed to improve and hone my riding skills in order to attain the required standard.


Martin explained the standard that needed to be achieved, and illustrated riding techniques before we took to the road to put them into practice.  Over a period of a few days we covered all aspects of the course.  After each session he provided detailed feedback to highlight areas which had improved and techniques which needed more practice.

It was a great pleasure to be trained by such an accomplished instructor in the magnificent setting of the Yorkshire Dales.  The twisty highways and by-ways are the perfect roads on which to hone the correct cornering skills!


By the time came to take my test, I felt that I was as well-prepared as I could have been.  The examiner was a really nice guy and as well as the practical test, asked a few of the less well known aspects of the Highway Code which thankfully Martin and I had covered in the training sessions.

http://portalradar.com.br/expo-abioptica-2016-2/ When I set out on the road to become an 'Advanced Motorcyclist' I never dreamt that it would be so much fun attaining the necessary skills.  I shall be eternally grateful to Martin for his training and guidance, which has added so much to my enjoyment of my motorcycling, both here in the UK and abroad.  I don't think it would be possible to have a better guy to help you improve your motorcycling skills, or guide you around Yorkshire to maximise the pleasure  of seeing the glorious countryside! "


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Feedback 12.04.17.

"I have recently undergone three days of rider training with Martin as part of my preparation for the IAM Masters test. The sessions combined both theory and plenty of on road riding. They were focussed on agreed objectives and the style of teaching involved distilling the management of complex riding situations into easy to apply, practical solutions. They were reinforced by tailored written material and he was readily available to talk over anything that was not 100% clear.

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I already hold "IAM Advanced" and "RoSPA Gold" rider qualifications however had not previously been taught in such a detailed and methodical way and by the afternoon of the third day I was able to deliver a progressive and safe ride. My riding ability has improved considerably.

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Alprazolam Online Shopping Whatever your level of competence there is always more to learn and I would thoroughly recommend jmpglobalmoto.com as a path to improvement."


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Feedback 28.04.16.

I want to thank you for the time and effort you have put in to help me prepare for my IAM Masters motorcycle test. Your vast knowledge and training experience have been invaluable in helping me understand the subtleties of advanced riding at this level.
I'm an experienced rider but many techniques I felt I knew and could perform well have benefited greatly from the new insights you have given me and these, together with your expert guidance, have added a whole new dimension to my riding.
I could give many examples but the following spring immediately to mind:
* Extended observation skills
* Planning, positioning and timing into and through roundabouts
* Positioning for best views for overtaking
* The technique for linking bends together to make maximum progress within a safe and 'defensive riding' framework
I would wholeheartedly recommend you and your company to anyone interested in taking their riding skills to a new level.
Kind regards"
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Feedback 21.06.14.

"Despite having 30+ years of experience riding motorcycles, I found myself needing to take a motorcycle safety course to satisfy insurance requirements. I was afraid I would get stuck in a class of beginners, so I signed up for Advanced training with Martin. Martin offered technical insight on reading the road, safety tactics, slow work in the cones, followed by a nice ride out to practice skills, with ongoing radio feedback. Being new to the UK, I really appreciated the extra insight into little details that differ from American roads and driving habits. You're never too old to learn, and I picked up some new tricks. Martin is an energetic and enthusiastic instructor with lots of knowledge and practical experience; I would highly recommend him for your training needs."


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